In Brandfull, we don't just create strategies – we shape narratives, evoke emotions, and inspire trust.


In a world full of dynamic changes and fierce competition, building a strong brand is an essential element for the success of any business. Whether you run a small company or you are the CEO of a large organization, you will never gain a market advantage without a well-tailored brand strategy that suits your needs.

Strategy, both image, product and employer branding, is where we really shine. A well-tailored strategy increases recognition and strengthens the brand from the inside.

It not only helps in goal-setting, but also systematizes marketing activities and helps achieve full consistency and coherence across all channels. Both online and offline

What does the process look like?

First, we need to get to know each other well and analyze everything that has happened up to the moment we met. Then we will determine your personality and your unique traits, making sure they are noticeable and clear. Next, we’ll see what people expect from you and what you can offer them. Afterwards, we’ll focus on your narrative — what sets you apart and how you will tell your story. We’ll also show you the channels and marketing tools that need to be implemented. At the end of the process, you’ll still be yourself, but on a much broader scale!

At Brandfull, we don't just create strategies – we shape narratives, evoke emotions, and inspire trust.

Brand audits which identify strengths, areas for improvement and competitive advantages.

Defining who you are and how you should position yourself.

Research and market analysis, competition research and monitoring of industry trends to adapt the strategy in real time, ensuring lasting effectiveness of your activities.

Activities/channels/media recommendations, precise suggestions regarding marketing activities, selection of communication channels and media, tailored to the specificity of the client’s industry.


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Ewa Kukuła-Jaeschke
Director of Business Development