We design cohesive, memorable visual elements that truly capture the essence of your brand.


At Brandfull, we believe that a brand is more than merely a logo and a name. That’s why we provide comprehensive branding/rebranding services to shape or refresh your company’s image, which will not only grab attention but also bestow identity upon your brand.

We create new stories. We refresh tradition.

Our creative team is not afraid of challenges. Hand in hand with you, we will find the essence of your new/old brand, create unique narratives that will not only engage customers, but also build a lasting bond with them.

Strategy, Creativity, Effectiveness

Our approach to branding is based on a solid strategy, creativity and effective actions. We analyze markets, research competition and suggest development paths that will take your brand to a new level.

Visual identification

We offer comprehensive visual identification solutions, including logo design, typography, key visuals and other graphic elements. We build both basic and very advanced identification systems.

Brand communication

We specialize in crafting concise brand communication. We adjust the language and tone of voice to suit your target audience. We create messages that capture customers’ attention and encourage loyalty.


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Ewa Kukuła-Jaeschke
Director of Business Development